5 Best Herb Vaporizers

5 Best Herb Vaporizers


You will probably be looking for a herb vaporizer if you like vaping with marijuana or other natural materials. There are plenty of products that cater to your specific requirements, but not all of them are equal in terms of features and performance. Often, vapers go after certain brands, but sometimes the best products come from other sources. Here’s an overview of the five best herb vaporizers you will find on the market today. Also check out our selection of vaporizers here 


DaVinci IQ

As you would know, regulating the temperature is the key to a perfect vaping experience. You can easily adjust the temperature you vape at with the DaVinci IQ. The vaporizer comes with a smartphone app, which features three modes. Each mode includes a preprogrammed temperature setting, allowing you to adapt the performance of the device to your requirements. The three modes are Boost, Precision, and Path.


Moreover, the device also comes with a separate chamber for storing herb for the next session while you enjoy the current one. The DaVinci IQ is easy to use and maintain, and you can grip it conveniently.


Atmos Aegis

The Aegis vaporizer is considered one of the best produces from Atmos. The device features a OLED screen that displays all the settings you can use to adjust the performance. A chamber allows you to carry half a gram of any dry herb with you. Moreover, you can use the two buttons near the power button to set the temperature according to your needs. The best part is that Atmos offers you a 5-year warranty.


Arizer Solo 2

The Solo 2 is the modern variant of the 2011-released Solo from Arizer. The device offers a range of features that make it cutting-edge and a class apart from other herb vaporizers on the market. You enjoy an enhanced battery life, reducing the need to constantly charge the device.


In fact, you can use the device for several days on a full charge, depending on your usage. Moreover, Solo 2 has open airflow, while the temperature control is easy to use. Solo proved a game-changer for herb vaporizers. Solo 2 takes innovation to the next level.



The aptly named Crafty vaporizer is a work of craft indeed. The device comes with convection ventilation. This feature ensures that heat escapes the device every time you inhale. You can use Bluetooth to control the settings and performance of the vaporizer. You also have complete command over the power output of the device.


Firefly 2

If you want to enjoy the full flavor of the herbs you are smoking, the Firefly 2 vaporizer will prove the perfect choice for you. Strong and smooth, the vaping experience you enjoy with this device is second to none.


You can use the Firefly 2 for both dry herbs and concentrates, making it a great product for experienced and beginner vapers alike. The temperature range of the device is extensive, reaching up to 400 degrees. You can control the settings and features of the Firefly 2 via a smartphone app.


So, if you are looking to vape with flowers and herbs, pick one (or more) from the ones we discussed above and enjoy!



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