8 Popular Types of Pipes You Should Know About

Every smoker has a favorite pipe. However, it is possible that a better pipe that provides a more potent hit is on the market, and you may not realize it. After all, why should you forgo the opportunity to enhance your smoking experience? To help you out, here’s an overview of 8 popular types of pipes you should know about:


1.    The Bubbler

The bubbler is popular around the globe, particularly in Africa and Asia. The smoke produced by the bubbler is cooler as compared to other types of pipes, thanks to its design. The smoke, when produced, interacts with water, and cools down before you inhale it. Hence, you enjoy a smoother and cooler smoking experience.


2.    Glass Pipes

Glass pipes were originally designed to facilitate herbal smokers. The idea is that the pipe will filter contaminants, ensuring the smoke is pure. Therefore, the flavor of the smoke is far superior to pipes made from metal or wood.


Not only this, the eclectic design of glass pipes is another reason to opt for them. That said, they do require more care than other pipes, as the glass will shatter if you drop the pipe.


3.    The Slider

The slider, or as they are commonly known, foldable pipes, are constructed using metals or wood. You can conveniently fold the pipe, forming a small square, and you can even pass it off as something other than a pipe.


Depending on the design of the pipe, you may be able to assemble it according to your preference, particularly the ones that incorporate magnets.


4.    Metal Pipes

Metal pipes are among the oldest types of pipes you will find on the market. Some people favor these out of pure nostalgia, while some smokers abstain from using metal pipes, claiming that they are too ‘antique’ and ‘ancient’.


Regardless, you can find a variety of designs that are elegant and pleasing to the eye. Not only this, metal pipes do provide a quality smoking experience.


5.    Vapes

Vape pipes are all the rage today. They reduce the ‘hazard’ associated with smoking weed through a pipe. You get clean, pure smoke, but without having to inhale chemicals or gases. The substance is vaporized to make smoking easier.


6.    Chillum

Chillums are perhaps even more ‘ancient’ than metal pipes. These pipes are made from different materials, including glass and stone. They have been around since the 18th century and can provide a decent smoking experience for opium and marijuana smokers. Larger chillums are known to provide cool smoke, and you can inhale more smoke in a single puff.


7.    Wooden Pipes

Wooden pipes are more popular among tobacco users, but they are perfect for smoking marijuana as well. You can stuff more weed into a wooden pipe than other types, and also enjoy stronger hits.


8.    The One-Hitter

One-hitters are designed to allow you to sneak a quick puff when you are in public. You can get a decent hit and their design often camouflages their actual purpose. You will be able to discreetly smoke some MJ without any realizing.


With the variety of options available to you, you can easily choose a pipe that suits your purpose the best. The key to making the right choice is knowing about the popular types of pipes out there.



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