Best Party Schools of 2017

Best Party Schools of 2017

Best Party Schools of 2017

While college should be a time of growth and learning, it’s equally as important to make sure there’s time to socialize and party, too. On the weekends, books and tests are traded in for beers and bongs. These ten schools know how to party the hardest. 

  1. University of Wisconsin- Madison

With just over 46,000 students, Madison is the biggest University in Wisconsin situated right on the lake. All of their sports are successful, with football being at the top of the list. They compete in the NCAA’s Division I Big Ten Conference so you know the tailgates are going to get wild. With nearly 30 different fraternities, there’s plenty of opportunities for partying.

2.West Virginia University


Despite being located in the middle of nowhere, Morgantown, WV sets the bar for the college party scene. The regular DJ performances on campus and football games combined with three bars providing free drinks on thursday nights (hallelujah) earns this school the number two spot for partying colleges.

3. Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona 

Even with the University’s President and the local police claiming they are shutting down the party scene, it seems that the students completely shrugged off those warnings. There are more than 70 greek oriented organizations that ensure the party will never end. Prepare yourself for a four-year, booze-fueled romp through Tempe.

4. Tulane University

Situated in downtown New Orleans, this smaller school packs quite the punch. The 6,000 students attending this university know how to balance work and play. Every holiday is escalated here, with Frenchman and Bourbon Street being the go-to party spots. Mardi Gras is so important that the students get a free pass from school for that week. Think you can keep up?

5. Syracuse University

The school spirit at Syracuse is hard to match. Their sporting events, most notably their men’s basketball team, are overflowing with pride for their school. Frat Row has an overflow of 50 chapter houses all ready to party. Juice Jam is their kickoff to the school year, which includes big name acts coming to perform on the six stage set up. Mayfest is one of the university’s longest traditions with free food and beer and even more artists performing at the end of the school year.

6. University of Iowa

This is an affordable Big Ten university where the students understand the balance between studying and partying. Packed Iowa City bars blaring music, house parties, and tailgating before Hawkeye football games are as much a part of Iowa's culture as the cornfields that make up the majority of the state. Partying is part of what it means to be a Hawkeye. Bonus points if you can survive the football tailgate and actually make it into the game.

7. University of Mississippi


“We may have lost a game, but we’ve never lost a party” is the mantra at the football tailgates. Ole Miss students enjoy sports, but they enjoy a good strong drink even more. As long as there’s no mention of the heated rival LSU, it should be a drunkenly fun time no matter what you decide to do here.

8. University of Colorado- Boulder

The students in this mountain town like their parties- the main party neighborhood is located on The Hill. Halloween turns into Hallo-Week here so prepare a week’s worth of costumes. There are multiple different fraternities and sororities to join if you want to go greek. Many of the partiers here and also lovers of the outdoors so be sure to pack a beer to have at the end of your hike.

9. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

With 12 bars on campus and one of the biggest Greek scenes in the country, it’s easy to see how this University made the list. Specials every day of the week and never more than a $5 cover charge is enticing for partiers of all types. The tailgates are plentiful, weather permitting, but the real fun happens at the pregame at the bars. “Unofficial” is the biggest drinking weekend of the year happening in the fall so be sure you don’t miss it!

10. University of Georgia

Downtown Athens, Georgia provides the most diverse bar scene- everything from the typical party bar to live bands and everything in between, there’s something for everyone and on game days it’s 10 times amped up. Their biggest event is The World’s Largest Cocktail Party that takes place every fall on St. Simons Island. Seems pretty sweet to be a Georgia Bulldog.

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