Does Vaping Get You Higher Than Smoking?

Vaping has emerged as a superior alternative to smoking cigarettes. But can you get high if you vape instead of smoke? Moreover, will the high you achieve be more potent or not? Let’s find out.


A Cleaner High

Right off the bat, you need to know that vaping can get you high. The medium is different but the effect is the same or at least similar. Simply put, if you want to get really baked, vaping can do the job for you.


However, remember that the high that vaping delivers is quite different to the high you get when smoking. For instance, vaping provides you a ‘cleaner’ high. You don’t have to deal with the unwanted symptoms, such as dry mouth. Even the odor produced by the weed is less pungent if you vape instead of smoke.


A Shorter High

A potential drawback of vaping instead of smoking is that the high won’t last as long. The high you get from a joint sustains for longer. When you are vaping, the effect can wear off quicker.


That said, this is not a deal breaker, as you can simply resume vaping and get high again. Moreover, the cleaner hit makes you feel more energetic than if you smoke the marijuana. When smoking, the high will be longer and more intense. You will feel lazier. Yet, you can get high quicker by smoking rather than vaping.


Less Wastage

You can use your stuff more efficiently if you vape instead of smoke it. When dry vaping, you only need to use a limited quantity of marijuana. This means that you can enjoy longer vaping sessions and stay high for longer.


Even if the high is shorter, you can vape more and enhance the effect. If you smoke marijuana, half the cannabinoids evaporate immediately. Research shows that gas produced while vaping retains 95% of the cannabinoids from the weed, as compared to 12% when you smoke it.


But Will You Get Higher by Vaping?

The information provided above clearly shows that smoking provides you a more potent hit that lasts longer. You are more likely to feel lethargic by smoking a joint rather than vaporizing the weed. Also, you will get high quicker. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that smoking will get you ‘higher’ than vaping. The issue is that smoking and vaping marijuana isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. The effect and intensity each produces differs, and therefore it comes down to what you are looking for.


Yet, if you are confused between smoking and vaping, vaping is undoubtedly the better option. For one, there is less wastage, which means more weed and longer sessions. This will prove cost-effective as well, allowing you to indulge in the habit without breaking the bank. Moreover, vaping retains a majority of the medicinal compounds in marijuana.


So, even if you have to compromise on the psychoactive aspect, you should still consider vaping a superior alternative to smoking marijuana. You can achieve a peak high without dealing with most of the drawbacks of smoking a joint!

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