How to Make Your Dab Rig Experience More Amazing

Using a dab rig enables you to have a superior experience when smoking concentrates or oils. That said, you do have to invest some effort into ensuring that you are dabbing right. Here are some tips for making your dab rig experience more amazing:

Wear Gloves (Every Time)
Exposing the substances that you are smoking to your bare hands can be a huge mistake. The bacteria and other contaminants on your skin can transfer to the concentrate oils, which can reduce their potency, and that’s the last thing you want. Not to mention that the oils, by nature, are slimy, and hence you need to keep your hands off them. So, wear gloves whenever you want to dab.

Stick to a Rig
Often, smokers use an attachment on the rig. What they might not realize is that the additional filter can impact the flavor negatively. This is usually the case when you use the same dab rig for smoking different substances. Therefore, designate a particular rig for this purpose.

Reduce the Temperature
Have you ever experienced an unpleasant taste or felt discomfort after smoking with your dab rig? Chances are that the temperature you set is too high and your dab rig is not cooling down sufficiently after it heats up.

The excessive heat can cause combustion of the concentrates, making inhaling the smoke difficult and uncomfortable. To overcome this, allow the nail to cool down after it heats up. Otherwise it may even impact the flavor.

Invest in a Carb Cap
A carb cap can enhance your dab rig experience by inhibiting the airflow that reaches your nail. This means there’s less air in the rig than usual, ensuring the pressure on the right itself is low.

You can get the oil boiling at a lower temperature, which is important as mentioned in the previous step. Not only will you enjoy a better taste but the tail-end of your hit will be punchier as well.

Use Bangers and Nails Made from Quartz
Quartz is the material of choice for enjoying a clean and better-tasting smoking experience with your dab rig when it comes to your nail and banger. Not only are the bangers and nails made from quartz stronger than ones made from glass but they reduce the risk of damage to the dab rig itself.

Maintain Your Dab Rig
You need to keep your dab rig clean to enhance the potency of your hits. The best part is that regular cleaning and maintenance ensures that you get a cleaner, purer taste from the oil concentrates you are smoking. Moreover, you can get rid of any residue from your previous dabbing session.

Get a Dab Rig with a Percolator
A percolator allows the smoke the dab rig produces to mix with water, which results in a cooler smoke, and lowers the temperature overall. If your dab rig doesn’t have a percolator, you should consider getting a new one that does and upgrade your smoking experience.

So, now you know how to make your dab rig experience more amazing. Go ahead and try these tips and you’ll be glad you did!

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