The Smart Guide to Choosing the Best Bong for Yourself

Browse the market and you will come across dozens of types of bongs. It can be a tough ask to choose one on the fly. So you need to consider a few factors before you part with your cash.


You may be tempted to buy the bong with the most favorable reviews on the internet. But even then, it’s best to know about some important factors for choosing the best bong. Let’s take a closer look at these.


Thickness of the Glass

The thickness of the glass is a pertinent factor, as it directly impacts the useful life of your bong. That said, do note that if you plan to smoke in a confined space, let’s say your room, you can focus more on the other factors.


Smoking in a group necessitates that you find a bong with the thickest glass possible. The ideal option is to choose one with glass thickness of more than 3.5 mm.



Generally, smokers opt for a bong with percolators to enhance their smoking experience. The main points to keep in mind are the drag the percolator offers and the smoothness it ensures.


Beginners can forgo the option of having a percolator, but once you get used to smoking with a bong, you would want to get a bong that features one. Percolators will cool the smoke produced, resulting in a smoother smoking experience for you.  However, stay away from bongs laden with percolators, as it might make it difficult for you to keep the chamber clean.



Keeping your bong clean is the key to enjoying a superior smoking experience. Keep in mind that you will have to clean your bong from time to time, as the residue from previous sessions will linger. You have to remove the tar and other deposits.


Cleaning will be trickier if you opt for a bong with a percolator, in which case you should purchase an ash catcher. You cannot ignore cleaning and maintenance, as an unclean bong can affect the taste of the smoke. Not to mention that cleaning an ash catcher will prove easier than cleaning a percolator.


Joint Size

Check the size of the joints on each bong that catches your fancy. Bongs are available in two joint sizes, and a mismatch can affect your smoking experience. So make sure the size of the joints is the same, as this allows you to mix and match even if you downstem. You get some margin for error, without having to compromise on the quality of your smoke.



The factors above address the performance of the bong and your ease of use. There are a few accessories or add-ons that you can invest in to take your bong to the next level:


  • Splashguard: A splashguard ensures that the water from the bong stays away from your mouth
  • Ice Pinch: The ice pinch houses the ice that keeps the smoke cool


Keep these pointers in mind and you will be able to select the bong that best suits your needs. Be a smart bong buyer! 

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