Where did the idea for Under The Influence come from?


The idea for Under The Influence: The Game can be traced back to our college days. We were known to throw parties with copious amounts of alcohol and themes. We wanted to make sure everyone was having a good time, all the time, which caused them to go out of their way to entertain people with drinking games. Kings/Circle of Death was one of their go to games but would eventually get repetitive after prolonged play. This led us to the idea "what if we were able to put a whole party or kickback on auto pilot with a single card game?" The game could change based upon the people playing, and the pace would never be the same because there were multiple types of decks from which to draw. While there would be randomness to what you draw, the players determine the direction of the game.

We wanted to create a game that you can play with a group of strangers. By the time you play through all the cards, you will know the other players  better than some of your friends. This game has the possibility of invoking every emotion in you: happiness,sadness, lust, anger, anticipation, disgust.. but that is the point! This game will leave you under the influence of emotion



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