Under The Influence | Shots No Chaser

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  • HOLD YOUR FRIENDS ACCOUNTABLE: Separate real drinkers from the fakes with these novelty shot glasses
  • TIRED OF YOUR FRIENDS POURING BABY SHOTS? We got you covered. Now you can call them out when they pour lightweight, sober and pretender shots
  • 2 OZ SHOT GLASS ( DOUBLE SHOTS): Come with two of each design. These shot glasses were designed to get you lit. Proceed with caution but we will judge you
  • DESIGN CHANGES WHEN COLD: Perfect for showing off to your friends how cool your shot glasses are
  • HANDWASH ONLY: The heat of a dishwasher will peel the printing so treat these shot glasses like the prized possession they are and hand wash only

"Super fun, crazy & happy i purchased it. Def a game you want to play with people you really know, otherwise might get awkward. I hope you make a continuation of cards, we went thru the whole 4 categories in 1 game (5 of us) so looking forward to more cards being added soon."


02 MAR 2019

" We're all about party games- we own them all! But this game is unlike any other! A MUST BUY! "


26 FEB 2019

" This game was so much fun! We played it on a bachelorette trip and we were laughing the whole way through! Although, i will say some of the Shot No Chaser cards should probably be played in mixed company lol. I definitely recommend it! "


25 FEB 2019

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