Shots Roulette | Shots No Chaser

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  • Features 16 tiles with plenty of chances to screw over your friends or if you're unlucky take a shot.
  • Russian roulette meets UNO in this free-for-all battle royale.
  • Open the box and your next party, college reunion, birthday, adult game or drinking game night will be a hit!
  • This game will get you drunk! Guaranteed or money back!
  • 2 AA Batteries are required but NOT INCLUDED!

Looking for an excuse to drink? Well, look no further. Shots Roulette makes drinking exciting and after a few rounds, you'll be laughing, drinking and dreading "BANG!"

Prepare for an amazing time as you and your friends compete to be the LAST ONE STANDING!!

How To Play

For the first game of the night, the host spins first and players follow in (clockwise) order. Each player must spin once in an 'orbit'. From then on, whoever has won the previous game will spin first for the next game.

The rules are simple, spin the wheel; if you land on Bang! take a shot and remain out for the remainder of the game! If you land on an "Action Tile" simply follow the instructions below. Players keep spinning until there is only one player left!

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