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  • Features 4 decks (200 cards total) with questions, challenges, and dares to complete!
  • Open the box and your next party, college reunion, birthday or drinking game night will be a hit!
  • Games can be played with or without alcohol but please drink responsibly. NSFW!

We've all been at a party or a get-together and thought... why am I here? You can't quite tell if it's because you're with the SAME people doing the SAME things or if the party is actually boring AF.

Well, we have some good news for you... With Under The Influence, you never have to be in that position again!

Prepare for an amazing time as you and your friends compete in hilarious challenges, answer outrageous questions and complete the WILDEST dares!

So, if you're tired of the boring get-togethers, lame parties or you just want to see a "certain someone" get wild... quit wasting time and BUY NOW!

How To Play

Players take turns (clockwise) picking from the deck of their choosing. You can mix and match decks however you see fit. All cards drawn must be read out loud. Cards that require you to drink mean -take a sip- unless it directly states to take a shot.

Brain Benders

Truth Or Lie: Card drawer reads the "Truth Or Lie" question and has the option to lie or tell the truth.

Players must then guess whether the answer was a truth or a lie. If you guess wrong you must take a drink. If the player cannot trick anyone they must drink.

Would You Rather: Card drawer reads the "Would You Rather" scenarios. Players then guess which scenario the card drawer will pick. If you are wrong you must drink.

Who's Who

Let people know what you really think about them. After selecting a card, choose the person in the room you feel best answers the question. That person must then drink.

Under The Influence

Prepare for an assortment of challenges and surprises. Draw a card:

Rule Card: Applies only to the person who drew it. Lasts until you draw again. Anytime you are not following the rule you must drink.

Other Card: Follow instructions and play the game.


Shots No Chaser

Follow the instructions on the card. If you refuse the task you must use your 'Tapout' card if you have one or take a shot of liquor with no chaser to get out of the action.

Great Icebreaker

After just a few rounds (get your mind out the gutter) any new group of strangers will feel like longtime friends.

Any Occasion

Here's one time size doesn't matter. You can play with 2 players or whoever wants to join. The different decks also feature options for the tame and the WILD!

Fun Replayability  

Always fresh and fun because the game changes with the addition of each person. (socks recommended)


Jacob Black  - 6 Nov 2018

"You will get extremely drunk and if you don’t it is because the people you were playing with were wack."

Adeoye Bolue  - 26 Oct 2018

"This game is like getting multiple games in one box. My friends and I (party of 10) truly enjoyed it. It's really easy to understand and has options for the timid and the daring."

Nick Garza  - 21 Oct 2018

"Awesome game, quickly received, nicely priced. five stars all around!!!"


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