Slate Billiards | Shots No Chaser Nightlife Reviews

Slate Billiards | Shots No Chaser Nightlife Reviews

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Slate Billiards located on 200 E Bland Street is a variety bar with arcade games and pool that turns into closer to a full blown club atmosphere on weekend nights. 

Crowd / Vibe

The crowd is a melting pot, you can find every race of people enjoying the music but the main demographic age wise 21-25 or so. It can get pretty rowdy at times but if you like a dive bar atmosphere with more open space you will enjoy Slate.

Some people dance but it is a more of a stand around, drink and talk spot but it is generally good vibes.

You could go to Slate solo and meet new people and manage to have a good time. If you are a regular here you will definitely see multiple people you know. 


There is no cover charge at the door and drinks are priced decently. You can go in with $20 or $30 and have a pretty good night if you're only buying drinks for yourself. 


The DJ's here usually play a mix of pop and rap. I'd describe the music style as Billboard Top 100. 

Best Days To Go

Friday night is usually not as crowded so if you are interested in a more chill experience Friday night is your best bet.

Saturday nights if you get there after around 11:30 pm, prepare to wait in a line even though it usually moves pretty fast. Saturday nights are the most fun in my opinion because I love a packed out crowd. 

It is usually packed on Sundays during Football season. People love coming here to watch the game and it is usually super hype.

Review 4.5/5 if you're 21-25   2/5 if you're older than that

Slate is a lot of fun if you're in the age range to enjoy the crowd but an older audience probably won't enjoy themselves much. 



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