What Is Under The Influence?

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Do you know the saying "A Drunk Mouth Speaks A Sober Mind"? Well 'Brain Benders' Takes That Concept and Expands On It. This Deck Features Questions Geared Towards Revealing More Information About You With Each Card You Draw.

Under The Influence Who's Who?

Ever Wanted To Know What People Think About You? No, I Mean What People Really Think About You? Well You Remember High School Superlatives? This Is Like That, But The Drunk Version. 

Coming Down With A Case Of "Soberness"? Don't Worry.. 'Under The Influence' Is Just What The Doctor Ordered. Filled With Entertaining Challenges And Surprises, This Deck Promises To Leave You A Little Less Sober. 

Only The Most Adventurous Players Will Partake In 'Shots No Chaser'. This Deck Is All About Pushing The Boundaries And Getting Things Hot & Steamy.

Become The Life Of The Party