Shots No Chaser Top 5 Strongest Liquors

Shots No Chaser Top 5 Strongest Liquors

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We've all had that "Am I dying?" moment after taking a shot. The thing is for the vast majority of people that shot typically contains 40 - 55% ABV. Now unless you belong in AA meeting, we're going to introduce 5 liquors that won't leave you questioning "Am I dying?" but at the pearly gates. Here are the 5 strongest liquors in the world....

5. Good ol' Sailor Vodka - (85% Alcohol)

Featuring a creative design that could be on an Ed Hardy t-shirt, Good ol' Sailor Vodka splashes in at 85% ABV. It's a popular choice of drink for the good folks in Sweden but remains relatively unknown to the remainder of the world. One shot of this is guaranteed to make anyone curse like a sailor!

4. Balkan 176 - (88% Alcohol)


One of the strongest Vodkas in the world, the Balkan 176 originates from Scandinavia. It contains 88% ABV! Caution is definitely advised, there have been multiple cases of death caused by consuming too much in short periods. It shares the traditional traits of the Vodka family being colorless and odorless. 


3.Pincer Vodka - (88.8% Alcohol)  

Pince Vodka (Shanghai Strength) clocks in as the world's strongest Vodka. It's from Scotland and is infused with Wild Elderflower, and Milk Thistle. Although, we doubt the creamy taste can save you from the 88.8%  ABV that awaits. 


2.Everclear - (95% Alcohol)

Manufactured by an American company, Luxco, Everclear comes in at 95% ABV. Its formed a love-hate relationship with many college students, due to its tendency to be chosen for home made mixes. Taking a shot of this is definitely not recommended as you could potentially cause serious damage to the throat. 


1.Spirytus Rektyfikowany - (96% Alcohol)

Topping the list at an astounding 96% ABV (thanks Poland), Spirytus Rektyfikowany isn't to be taken lightly... or straight... or how about you just not drink it at all. It goes without saying that this drink can be lethal so please drink with caution and plenty of water! 

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