9 Awesome Bars/Clubs You should Visit Before You Die

9 Awesome Bars/Clubs You should Visit Before You Die

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Bars, if you're over 21 reading this article I'm pretty sure you've gone to one before. If you're under 21 reading this article... there's still a good chance you've gone to one before. Bars are mysterious places. One moment the atmosphere can be resoundingly joyous, the next can be tense enough to be cut by 'Crazy Carl' who's working on his 6th Rum and Coke in the corner. Either way, they are here to stay. So join us as we take a look at 9 of the most unique bars across the world.


Front Door- Galway, Ireland

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This popular pub is spread over two floors and stretches across two streets. It has five different bars inside so the drinks selections are plentiful. By day it’s a welcoming quaint pub serving brews and traditional Irish grub, but by night it turns into a party scene with live music and DJs on the weekends. This hot spot attracts students, locals, and tourists alike.


PrintWorks Club- London, UK

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This newly opened club and general event space is situated where a printing press recently used to be. The new owners left the space raw so there are traces of the former newspaper. It features six different event spaces within the warehouse and Printworks is located downstairs in a soundproof club area. Make sure you get your tickets ahead of time as this new club is a hot spot and fills up quickly.



Pacha Club- Ibiza, Spain 

Pach Night Club, Ibiza, Spain

If you’re looking for the ultimate clubbing experience this is your destination! It’s a massive tropical venue full of people looking to get their party on. There are different levels of VIP sections and a few swimming pools to fulfill all your party needs. This iconic club will be your one stop spot for the evening.


The Spotted Cat- New Orleans, Louisiana

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Located on Frenchman Street, this is a must go-to music bar. There is extraordinary live jazz music every night of the week. It’s removed from the crowds of Bourbon Street so it has a more intimate and inviting feel to it, but that doesn’t mean it’s tame in the least! Another plus is that they have air conditioning to escape from the hot humidity of the south. And there’s an open container policy in New Orleans and who doesn’t love that.


Metropolis Club- Fremantle, Australia 

Metropolis Nightclub

It’s worth your time to venture out of Perth and down south a little ways to the town of Fremantle to check out the wildly popular Metropolis Night Club. They have live music and strong drinks- just the right recipe for a stellar night. If you want a classic bumping club experience, this is the place to go.


Club Space- Miami, Florida

Miami is known for it’s top notch party scene and this club lives up to that reputation. Club Space has been a favorite in downtown Miami for a little over ten years now. Weekends are dedicated to big name DJ’s and other musicians so make sure tickets are bought ahead of time and wear your dancing shoes.


Rio Scenarium- Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

This trendy bar is arranged over three floors of an old warehouse and stuffed with antiques and trinkets including movie props and suits of armour. It attracts a mixed crowd of all ages who come to practice their samba moves. Even those who swear off dancing will find themselves learning a few moves here.


IceBar- Stockholm, Sweden

This is the world's very first permanent ice bar. A cocktail at this place cannot be found anywhere else in the world. All their drinks are served up in “glasses” carved out of a block of ice and feature fun names like “Northern Lights” and “River to River”. Bundle up because the temperature permanently stays at a cool 23 degrees fahrenheit.


Ozone- Hong Kong, China

Located on the 118th floor of the Ritz Carlton, this is the world’s highest rooftop bar. The blue hues of this bar will mesmerize you. Inventive drinks, killer views, and delicious appetizers have you coming back time and time again.

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