Shots No Chaser, Under The Influence

Game Night Will Never Be The Same Again!

  • MOST HILARIOUS PARTY GAME, EVER: This game makes for an outrageous party in a box, perfect for your next party, get together or game night

  • THE PERFECT PARTY GAME FOR ANY OCCASION - Cards range from laid-back & casual to wild & inappropriate.

  • TWO GAMES ARE NEVER THE SAME - Cards are personal and interactive, offering maximum replay value!

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Best Game Night Ever!

I've been looking for a new card game to shake up my game nights for a while, and Under The Influence DEFINITELY provided an unforgettable night. Simple and easy to follow with a ton of unique challenges, dares, and brain benders, if you're looking to turn a boring Friday night into a legendary drinking experience, then this is the game for you.

Jessica, New York, USA

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Under The Influence Expansion

Main Game

Extremely Under The Influence (Expansion Pack) - Shots No Chaser

Get Lit Or Your Money Back

  • Features 5 decks (200 cards total) with questions, challenges, and dares to complete!

  • The perfect party game for any occasion

  • 4 Player minimum recommended 


Under The Influence Bundle
 (Original Version and Expansion)


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Under The Influence Game Bundle - Shots No Chaser

Get Lit Or Your Money Back

  • Features 5 decks (400 cards total) with questions, challenges, and dares to complete!

  • Combine both games and your next party, college reunion, birthday, adult game or drinking game night will be a hit!

  • Cards are personal and interactive, offering maximum replay value!


Under The Influence Bundle

 (Original Version and Expansion)
+ Shot Glass Bundle


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Under The Influence Party Pack - Shots No Chaser

Get Lit Or Your Money Back

  • Features 5 decks (400 cards total) with questions, challenges, and dares to complete!

  • 1 Pack of 6 Custom Shots No Chaser Shot Glasses

  • Combine all three of them together for an EPIC Night.

How To Play

Players take turns (clockwise) picking from the deck of their choosing. You can mix and match decks however you see fit. All cards drawn must be read out loud. Cards that require you to drink mean -take a sip- unless it directly states to take a shot.

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Brain Benders

Truth Or Lie: Card drawer reads the "Truth Or Lie" question and has the option to lie or tell the truth.

Players must then guess whether the answer was a truth or a lie. If you guess wrong you must take a drink. If the player cannot trick anyone they must drink.

Would You Rather: Card drawer reads the "Would You Rather" scenarios. Players then guess which scenario the card drawer will pick. If you are wrong you must drink.

Brain Benders, Best Party Game, Truth Or Lie Card Game

Who's Who

Everyone must pick a player who they think best answers the question and point towards them. Take a drink if anyone points at you.

Under The Influence

Prepare for an assortment of challenges and surprises. Draw a card:

Rule Card: Applies only to the person who drew it. Lasts until you draw again. Anytime you are not following the rule you must drink.

Other Card: Follow instructions and play the game.

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Shots No Chaser

Follow the instructions on the card. If you refuse the task you must use your 'Tapout' card if you have one or take a shot of liquor with no chaser to get out of the action.

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This game is so much fun and its an awesome way to get to know people while you drink. I definitely recommend it if you want to mix up your kick back.


Super fun

Fun little drinking game for friends with a twist if you're trying to get two of them together.. Be safe and have fun


Great time had by all!

I bought this game to play at our annual game night and it did not disappoint! I will say that there are some cards that are best played by single people, or a group of really good friends. Our group has known each other for years and we laughed the whole night because of this game.

 Caroline W

Great game

Such a fun drinking game! Definitely gets you very under the influence!


Better played if slightly buzzed before hand

Some of the questions in this game is fun, don't play with people who are afraid to do the challenges/answer personal questions drinking before will probably loosen people up to make the game a more enjoyable experience but this game is definitely fun regardless and will definitely get you drunk.

 Durrel G. 

Fun game night with friends

Really fun game!

 Starla A

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4 PLAYERS MINIMUM RECOMMENDED - Games can be played with or without alcohol but please drink responsibly.

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