How to Have a Successful Night Out

How to Have a Successful Night Out

Game Plan

First and foremost, make a game plan. Nothing will mess up a potentially wonderful night more than wandering around aimlessly trying to decide what to do. Talk to your friends and feel out what sort of night everyone is looking to have and then plan accordingly from there.

Getting Ready

Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to start preparing yourself. The first step is to make sure you have some food in your stomach. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. Trying to party on an empty stomach will not work, I promise. I have tested this theory and it has without a doubt failed so please learn from my mistakes and do yourself a favor and eat before a big night out.

Hop in the shower to freshen up quick. My recommendation is to bring a shower beer with you. If you’ve never heard of that, it’s pretty much exactly what you think. A cold beer while taking hot shower will whip you into party mode real quick.

Pick Your Poison

Aside from the shower beer, it’s best to pick a type of alcohol and stick to that for the night. Looking for a more mellow night? Beer is probably your best bet. Want to not remember a damn thing and possibly fall over? Tequila is your man. Looking to sustain a consistent level of drunkenness for the night? Try some gin. No matter what your decision may be, once you’ve decided on one, you should try your best to stick to it. Mixing different types of alcohol is a fast track to a bad night.

And as fun as shots can be, they will creep up on you quickly. Before you know it, you won't be able to see straight and that's a good way to have a bad night.

Water Is Your Friend

Do not feel bad ordering a water every few drinks or so. I guarantee none of your friends will think less of you or give you shit for hydrating yourself throughout the night. It won't interfere with your buzz and your head will feel much better in the morning. Maybe not the best, but better since you've had some water too.

Go With the Flow

Even with a game plan in place, adding alcohol into the mix is bound to create some unexpected situations and you should do your best to roll with it. Don’t be a party pooper and pout because you didn’t get to go to your favorite bar because someone else in your group insisted on going to a different one- you never know what sort of adventure is awaiting for you there!

Fully Charged Phone

Hopefully you don’t have that friend in your group who mysteriously disappears when drunk, but chances are we all know someone like that and having a fully charged phone will help you find your lost friend. Making sure your phone has enough juice for the whole night will also help you get home once the night is over- whether that’s calling an Uber or a sober ride.

Follow these guidelines and you are on your way to having a successful night out!

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