6 Drinking Games to Play at Your Next Kickback or Pregame

6 Drinking Games to Play at Your Next Kickback or Pregame

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Everyone loves a good drinking game and below is a list of our favorite drinking games to play when you get together with friends. These games are sure to leave you with stories for years to come.


1. Under The Influence: The Drinking Card Game (Get Your Copy Here)

This is the wildest game out of the list and can definitely make any party or pregame hands down.


Players take turns (clockwise) picking from the deck of their choosing. You can mix and match decks however you see fit. 

All cards drawn must be read out loud. Cards that require you to drink mean -take a sip- unless it directly states to take a shot. Rule cards last for one round. 

Brain Benders:

There are two types of cards in this deck.

The first type of card has a word and its definition underneath it. Players must use the word in a sentence relating to themselves. The other players will judge the use of the word and decide if your sentence was good or not. If your sentence sucks, you have to drink.

Truth Or Lie:

The player who drew the card has the option of telling the truth or lying when they answer the question. All players must guess whether the original card drawer's answer was a truth or a lie. If you guess wrong you must drink. If the player cannot trick anyone they must drink.

Who's Who:

If you draw from this deck you must pick a player that you think best answers the question on the card. Whoever gets picked must drink.

Under The Influence:

Follow the instructions on the card.


Shots No Chaser:

Follow the instructions on the card. If you refuse the task, you must use your 'Tapout' card - if you have one. If not, take a shot of liquor (with no chaser) to get out of the action.


Get it on our website here

2. Kings Cup

A classic drinking game that everyone loves. You will need beer and a deck of cards. First, you set a beer in the middle of the table and spread the cards around it in a circle. Everyone takes turns drawing a card from the deck and then doing the rule on that card. Once done, you place the card in the tab of the beer in the middle. Whoever cracks the tab has to chug that beer! It seems that everyone has varying rules to this game, so I’m going to present the rules I usually use but, be prepared to have some variation when playing.

Ace- Waterfall (Everyone starts chugging their drinks at the same time. Once the person who drew the card stops drinking, the person to their left can stop and so on. You cannot stop drinking until the person to your left stops so that means the person to the right of the person who drew the card will be drinking for the longest.

2- You (You chose someone to drink)

3- Me (Person who drew card drinks)

4- Whores (Girls drink)

5- Five Fingers (Everyone starts with five fingers up. You go around in a circle, starting with the person who drew the card, and say something that you have never ever done. If you have done it, you put down a finger. The first person to put down all five fingers loses and drinks)

6- Dicks (Guys drink)

7- Heaven (Everyone points their index finger up in the air as quickly as possible. The last one loses and drinks)

8- Date (You pick someone and whenever you drink, they drink)

9- Rhyme (Person who drew the card picks a word and everyone goes around in the circle and says a word that rhymes with the original. Can’t think of a word or repeat a word? You lose and drink)

10- Categories (Pick a category, such as cereal, and go around in a circle and say items from that category, like frosted flakes or apple jacks. Can’t think of anything or repeat an answer that’s already been said? You lose and drink)

Jack- Back (The previous person drinks)

Queen- Question Master (The person who draws this card can ask anyone playing any question they want and if that person answers then they drink. Stays in place until the next queen is drawn and then that person becomes the question master)

King- Rule Maker (This person has the power to make any rule they want. Common ones include, no swearing, no first names, or you have to say “in bed” after everything you say. The rule can be anything you want so get creative! Rule stays in place until next king is drawn and a new rule is made)

3. Rage Cage

This is a fast paced fun drinking game. You will need red solo cups, a large preferably circular table, beer, and two ping pong balls. To set up the game, start by filling up each of the cups to the first line with beer. Arrange this cups in a general circular pattern on the table. The middle cup will be filled to the top with beer. Leave two of the cups out of the circle.

Everyone stands in a circle around the table. Two people start the game off by cheering each other, chugging their drinks, and then trying to bounce their ping pong ball into the cup they just chugged. If you make the ball into the cup on your first try, you can pass the cup to anyone else at the table except for the person who has the other cup. If you don’t make it on your first try, you keep trying until you make it and then pass the cup to the person to your left.

Eventually the cups will catch up to each other. Let’s say that two people next to each other are bouncing and the person on the right makes it first, they will then take their cup and stack it on the other person. This person then has to pass their cup and ball and take a new cup from the middle, chug it, and start bouncing it in that new cup. If you accidentally bounce it into one of the cups in the middle, you have to chug it and add it to the other cup and then start bouncing in that one.

The last person will get the cup that’s full and they have to chug it as quickly as possible. It’s a hectic drinking game guaranteed to get you feeling good in no time. The game ends when all the cups have been drank and stacked.

4. Flip Cup

A quick and simple competitive drinking game that everyone enjoys. You will need a long table and red solo cups. Fill each cup with beer to the first line near the bottom. Everyone playing has their own cup.

It’s a team based drinking game so everyone standing on your side of the table is on your team. It’s recommended to have at least four people on each team, but there can be as many as can fit on the table as long as it’s an even number. The game starts off with the first two people on opposite sides of the table cheersing and then chugging. You then set the cup on the edge of the table and try to flip it up so that the open side is face down on the table. It’s a race against the other team. Once the person on your team successfully flips their cup, the next team member in line can start chugging and flips their cup and so on. This race continues until the last person flips their cup before the other team and wins!

5. Beer Pong

Perhaps one of the most popular and well known party games out there. Here are some rules and tips to playing beer pong!

You will need four people, beer, red solo cups, a long table and two ping pongs balls. Arrange the cups in a 4-3-2-1 pyramid on each side of the table. Some people like the fill the cups with beer, but more often than not they’re dirty and gross so just use water instead and keep a beer on the side to drink during the game.

The game starts by one person on each side doing “eye to eye”. You both count to three and at the same time shoot the ball while maintaining eye contact. Whoever makes it in first gets to start.

The two players on each side get one shot each. Teams alternate turns shooting.The goal is to shoot the ball into a cup on the other side. If you and your partner both make a cup, it’s two cups pulled, and you both get the balls back and you get to keep shooting. If you and your partner make the same cup, it’s three cups pulled, and it’s balls back. If you make two shots in a row, regardless of if it’s balls back on not, you have to say “heating up” and if you make three in a row then you have to say “fire” and you get to keep shooting until you miss. This is the jist of the game and first team who makes all the cups wins!

Rules generally vary on bouncing the balls into the cups, celebrity shots, slop, and redemption so be sure to clarify the house rules before starting.

6. Cheers to the Governor

Perhaps the simplest game on this list as all you need is a drink and some friends.

The goal of the game is to go around in a circle and count to 21. Sounds pretty simple right? Think again.

Each number will eventually get a rule, but you start off with the initial rule of switching 7 and 14. So instead of counting 6...7...8… it will be 6...14...8.... And 13...7...15… Once you successfully count to 21, you say cheers to the governor and cheers each other and drink. The person that said 21 then gets to make a rule for any number that already doesn’t have a rule. The rule can be anything you want so get creative! Some ideas could be, on 5 you have to switch seats with the person across from you, on 9 you have to say meow, or on 16 you have to throw up the peace sign. The possibilities are endless and no game is the same as the last. If you can’t remember the rule or mess up and do the wrong you, you drink and the game restarts with the person to the left.

The game usually ends when everyone gets too drunk or too tired, but try to see if you can assign a rule to every number and remember each one!

And please remember to drink responsibly when playing each of these games!

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