The best drinking game for parties?

The best drinking game for parties?

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There are a lot of problems with traditional party games that keep people from having 1 go to game that they play all the time. Under The Influence solves all those problems and create the ultimate party card game for any experience. 

Issue #1: Too repetitive- There are a lot of fun party games on the market such as Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme but the game play is the same thing over and over. Draw a card then draw another to make a funny sentence or meme. This can be funny for a couple rounds but eventually the room will get tired of the same thing over and over.

How Under The Influence is different: There are 4 different decks to draw from with 4 completely different types of cards. The end goal of all the cards is getting people to drink but how people do that is different from deck to deck. This keeps the interesting and you never know what to expect from draw to draw. 

Issue #2 You're not getting to know other players- A lot of other games on the market are party games but the focus of the game isn't on what makes partying so fun, the social aspect. 

How Under The Influence is different: By the end of a game you will know everyone a lot better than when the game began. The game is designed to give out more information about each player as the game progresses which is sure to make the night interesting. New friendships can be formed from even just one game of Under The Influence

Issue #3 You can't drink at your own pace- Everyone has different tolerances to alcohol so you might or might not be able to keep up with your peers. Noone wants to be the person that is puking because they didn't know their limit or weren't prepared to drink.

How Under The Influence is different: Since you are able to pick which decks you draw from you are able to determine better if you want to take shots or simply sips when it is your turn to drink. This lets you better stay in control of the amount of alcohol you are drinking. You get to determine what counts as a shot or a sip in your own cup so you ultimately get to decide your own fate when drinking. 

These are just a couple reasons that separate Under The Influence from other drinking games and makes it the best social drinking game ever.

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